For questions about your Simmons® mattress please contact your Simmons dealer. If your dealer is no longer in business, please contact Simmons Consumer Service Center at 877-399-9397. Please have the original law tag and model name label information available when calling.

For questions about your NuFlex™ Foundation, please call 888-550-3746. If you are a customer in Puerto Rico, please call 800-888-3078. Please have the serial number, date of purchase, or owner’s manual available when calling to expedite the handling of your specific issue.

Refer to your Simmons Warranty Card for cleaning instructions. Each mattress is different, and may require unique cleaning techniques.

Please ask your Beautyrest® dealer about the gauge of wire in each mattress they offer.

We recommend that you test beds on the retail floor to determine your personal comfort preference. Lie down on each mattress to help you decide which model is best suited to your needs. Many components make up the feel of a mattress—such as coil unit construction, foam and upholstery layers, and cover fabric. Ultimately, the Beautyrest® mattress you choose will depend on your personal preferences and the sleep benefits the model delivers. As a comparison guide, you may take note of brand class (i.e., Beautyrest® Recharge,® TruEnergy,® etc), coil unit construction, Smart Response® Pocketed Coil,® Advanced Pocketed Coil,® etc., (850 Coil Count, Alternating Cable Coil, etc.) and comfort level (firm, plush, pillow top) to help you select the appropriate Beautyrest mattress.

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Attn: Consumer Services

Please contact your local Beautyrest® dealer for delivery verification. Delivery arrangements vary by dealer and location.

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