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Simmons Targets Millenials With New CURV™ Memory Foam Line

July 28, 2013

Company expands its customer reach in the midst of history-­‐making sales year


(ATLANTA – July 29, 2013) – This July Market, Simmons Bedding Company introduces a new product line targeted to the coveted and (by industry standards) untapped Millennial segment.

Opening Day marks the debut of Simmons CURV™ -­‐ a three-­‐model, Simmons-­‐branded memory foam line that delivers outstanding comfort for an affordable cost.

 “The Millennials are just starting to pave their way in the world, and our CURV mattress provides them with the good rest they need to do it,” said Jeff Willard, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Simmons. “We believe this group represents a huge untapped opportunity. We know Millennial consumers are looking for the latest technology from a trusted brand, and many want memory foam. However, until now, many couldn’t afford a memory foam mattress from a leading brand. With CURV, we’re changing this.” 

The generation who has grown up during memory foam’s rapid rise in popularity defines memory foam as the gold standard in mattress comfort. Based on Simmons’ research of consumers under the age of 35:  

  • 53 percent of mattress-­‐shopping Millennials would be “very” or “extremely” likely to consider a memory foam mattress.* 
  • However, 62 percent say “higher cost” was the biggest deterrent for buying a memory foam mattress.**   

Priced under $999, CURV delivers the comfort of memory foam at an affordable price point. Each mattress features CURV’s specially designed memory foam, shaped in an exclusive horizontal curve pattern designed to support and conform to the curves of the body while facilitating airflow for a comfortable, restful night’s sleep. For additional support, Simmons added gel to its CURV memory foam in select models; this gel memory foam pulls double duty, both providing support and helping to alleviate pressure while comforting the body.  

For the generation that not only sleeps, but eats, works, texts, talks, studies, relaxes, entertains, connects – lives on their beds, Simmons understands the importance of a strong, hard-­‐wearing bed. Therefore, each CURV mattress is reinforced with Simmons’ exclusive supportive foundation for enhanced durability and protection.

“Our industry as a whole does a great job servicing our customers already ankle-­‐deep and knee-­‐deep in the bedding lifecycle – but what about those just starting out?” said Anne Kozel, Simmons’ ComforPedic Brand Director and a brand lead on the CURV line. “There was such a demand in this market for a low-­‐cost memory foam mattress, but very few quality, brand-­‐name options available. Our Millennial audience spoke, and we listened: they wanted a version of the expensive memory foam mattress, but at an attainable price point.  CURV gives younger customers everything they’re looking for: affordable, comforting memory foam that supports their busy lives by giving them that all-­‐important restful sleep.”

The launch of CURV will be backed by a consumer-­‐driven marketing push with a heavy emphasis on social and digital outreach. Using engaging social content, a targeted digital media buy and strategic event activations, Simmons plans to bring CURV to its Millennial consumer base in a big way, beginning in late 2013.

Unlike most entry-­‐level memory foams available in the market, the Simmons CURV is proudly designed and built in the USA according to strict safety and quality regulations. The memory foam is also CertiPUR-­‐US® certified to meet standards for content, emission and durability. Simmons is the first major mattress manufacturer to have all polyurethane foams meet these strict environmental, health and safety standards.

The line includes three models: The Latest Thing™, All The Rage™ and Vogue®. The Simmons CURV line carries a 10-­‐year limited warranty and is priced under $999.

Simmons sees increased sales, brand awareness as a result omassive  advertising push 

Simmons is on a record-­‐setting pace after recently launching new product lines from Beautyrest® and ComforPedic® From Beautyrest® and introducing the largest advertising campaign in recent company history. The product launches and ad campaign have helped fuel record-­‐breaking sales in April, May and June, with April being the largest selling month in company history. 

“The growth we are seeing is validation that we’re on the right track with our new product lines and advertising strategy,” said Simmons President Tony Smith. “Our company transformation is well underway and gaining momentum. We believe that the record sales gains indicate that consumer preference is moving in our favor.”

The advertising campaign, which runs on 30 national network and cable television channels plus hundreds of digital sites, continues through the peak summer selling months, on pace to deliver more than 2 billion impressions and reach target consumers an average of 14 times. As of its July 15 midpoint, the campaign has already successfully delivered more than 1 billion impressions, helping fuel an increase in website traffic and dealer sales, but with more than 1 billion impressions left to deliver, it is only the start of the advertising and marketing efforts.

“We are excited that even with the heavy advertising we had over Memorial Day and July 4th, we still have more than 1 billion consumer impressions left to deliver over the balance of the summer.  This means that the momentum we built through the first half of the summer will continue to grow,” said Mr. Willard. “We’re confident current sales trends indicate that consumers are eagerly welcoming our products into their homes.”

The Beautyrest ad campaign, now in its second-­‐generation iteration, cheekily preaches the importance of restful, comfortable sleep by poking fun at the blunder-­‐filled lives of the “undercharged”. The Eddie Money hit, “We Should Be Sleeping” helps to tell the story; Money’s tune punctuates the “Recharge” message as it plays over scenes depicting the daily mishaps of the overworked and undercharged. The spots are really hitting home with consumers and raising the bar for creative work in the category. In a third party research test from research leader Millward Brown, the spots registered viewer involvement scores not only above the average for the home furnishings category, but more than 50% higher than all ads across all categories.

ComforPedic is also raising the bar on advertising, with the launch of its first national ad campaign. The campaign invites consumers into the magnificent dreams of a few well-­‐ known experts, who prove that smart begins with better sleep, and better sleep starts with ComforPedic.

Since the rollout of the new line debuted in January, ComforPedic dealer placements have increased ~25%. Simmons expects this percentage to continue to increase through Q3.

* SBC Analytics Monthly Tracking Study, April 2013

** Keystat Buyer Behavior Study, December 2012

About Simmons Bedding Company

Atlanta-­‐based Simmons Bedding Company (“Simmons”) is one of the world's largest mattress producers and the maker of Beautyrest®. Simmons manufactures and markets a broad range of products including Beautyrest®, Beautyrest TruEnergy®, Beautyrest Black®, ComforPedic®  from Beautyrest®, and BeautySleep®. Simmons operates 19 conventional bedding manufacturing facilities across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Simmons also serves as a key supplier of beds to many of the world's leading hotel groups and resort properties. Simmons is committed to developing superior mattresses and promoting a higher-­‐quality sleep, helping ensure consumers around the world are LIVING LIFE FULLY CHARGED®. For more information, visit, or follow Beautyrest on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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