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Unauthorized Retailers

Below is a list of retailers that are NOT authorized to sell Simmons products. Simmons cannot guarantee the authenticity of products purchased from these unauthorized retailers or marketplace resellers. In many cases these products may be customer returns or other “as is” products that are not covered by a Simmons warranty. When purchasing from Amazon, be careful to shop only for products listed as “shipped from and sold by Amazon” or from Simmons' Authorized Amazon Resellers listed here.

  • AdjustableBedOnline
  • Blue Market
  • Britt&Jules
  • El Colchon
  • Green Box Digital Market
  • Imagine Retail
  • Liquidation Central
  • Low price bargains
  • LuxuryInteriors4less
  • M2G online
  • Mattress Express U.S.
  • Mattress Outlet
  • Mikey Mattress
  • More&more
  • Online_Trader
  • Pizzln
  • Quality First Seller
  • Richiedunn1